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A freestanding weave set made by Jessejump Agility that can be also be turned into three small jumps.

Comes with a base that can be used on any surface.

This is a clever Jessejump Agility training set which consists of a 6 pole training weave which can be easily converted into three jumps to use instead of the weaves.

Great for those with less space for storage.

The set includes a 6 pole weave set as well as 6x Jump cups and 3x cross bar jump poles which can be used on the weave poles to create 3x sliding jumps, these jumps can be set at any height from 10cm to 75cm, no tools needed.

Jump poles stay up in high winds, but displace easily when hit by a dog.

The spacing between weave poles is set at 60cm, so the jumps will be 60cm wide.

The poles are made from maintanace free high impact resistant UPVC.

Also comes with instructions on how to teach your dog to weave using the 2 by 2 system.

Deluxe Combination Set

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